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Where do we go from here?

January 14, 2014

The westward adventure I’ve written about in this blog is coming to an end, not the adventure part just the westward part. It’s logistical mostly, from San Jose you can’t go much more west without a boat. The plans we made in October, 2012, felt etched in stone at the time. Drive across the country, spend a year in California, return to Massachusetts. Apparently plans held too tightly don’t allow room for life’s unexpected detours.

Our house in MA sold quickly, we are finishing up the details right now. I’m thankful for this as prolonging the sting of change doesn’t make it go away. And so we continue on day after day making the decisions faced at us in the moment. This hasn’t been easy, the whole experience, but Scott and I have been thoughtful in our decisions and have faith in a future we can’t readily see. For me the question nags, “where do we go from here?”. We’re still waiting for the answer. I will continue to write because I’ve come to love it and it feels like a connection to those of you we don’t get to see often enough. I’ll write about the things that interest me and Scott and our family and maybe some piece of us will resonate with a part of you. Family, food, art, faith, homeschool, travel…they’re all galavants of one kind or another.

I know for some of you it’s hard to understand our decision to stay. I wish there were a way to show you in detail the trail of decisions, opportunities, coincidences and remarkable experiences that we have encountered these past 15 months. Some of it is in these posts. We believe there is a plan in all of this that is so much larger than Scott, Ethan, Alex, Evan and me. I have faith, complete and total, and know that whatever is thrown at our family we will make it through. Thank you for being a part of our adventure, we hope you’ll continue along with us. Onward we go!


























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  1. Emily permalink

    I wish you the best in any endeavor. I have enjoyed following your progress and look forward to “the rest of the story”.

  2. Beth permalink

    So glad for you! Can’t help but feel CA is a great place for you all. Miss you but look forward to staying in touch online. Love to all from all of us.

  3. Mom permalink

    I read in a book once that one of the great tricks of life is to see an opportunity and seize it
    , to assess the risks, and feel the fear, and then do it anyway……

    The wonder of life is in the living, the changes, the doing…..what a life you will have lived together!

    I love you all with all my heart and will be out to see you as soon as I can – I want to become part of your galavant……

  4. Maggie Hurder permalink

    Boy do I miss you guys! But let me tell you that seeing you out there makes me happy to my core. No question as to why. You are the one family I know that was meant to live this lifestyle. It is so enjoyable to watch. Please post more! I would live to hear more about your homeschooling, to me that is the most adventuresome thing I could think of. I am so happy for all of you, truly:)

  5. Christine permalink

    Your pictures are most eloquent in communicating why you’re doing what you’re doing! Everyone looks so happy. That’s California kids you’re growing now!

    Such an adventure, such experiences and revelations! I admire your boldness, all of you! And I know with such open hearts, the universe will deliver wonderful opportunities beyond imaging. Keep writing for us who see you little and now even less! It’s a joy to see your name in my mail queue!

  6. Veda Henderson permalink

    What wonderful photos! You look like a surfer family with perpetual smiles and perpetual motion.
    I am sad to hear you won’t be returning to the east coast, but having spent 2 weeks at Christmas time in LA with daughters, sons and grandson, it was really hard to come back to below zero weather. I am delighted that you will continue posting your adventures even if they are not entitled “Westward adventure”. You hold a special place in my heart. Love, Veda

  7. Although we miss you terribly, we are so happy that you have found such happiness in CA! You and your family are so dear to us, and even though the miles are long, I know we will remain close. Can’t wait to keep up to date with your adventures – love reading the blog! Love you all 🙂

  8. Dorothy Konstanty permalink

    Enjoyed reading all of it. You guys certainly keep busy and have a lot of fun, as the pics show. Your kids are fortunate to have such adventurous parents. Enjoy it all, you won’t look back and wish you had. That pic of the kids shadows on the beach at sunset was awesome.

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