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October 14, 2013

A year ago today we locked the door to our house in Hopkinton and headed west on our Jarr adventure. It was our thought at that time that we would be headed back toward Massachusetts right about now. It seems most of the problems we stumble over in life have to do with setting expectations and then not meeting them. Clearly we are not in the Jarr car headed east. The expectation has changed.

Since returning from our trip to MA this summer we have been on some kind of crazy ride involving our second move in less than a year. We are finally surfacing, settling in to California house #2 and life is still spinning. Our pastor recently gave a thoughtful sermon on the space between where you are in your life and where you want to be. It felt clearly directed at us. The space in between he called “wandering”. We call it “galavanting” and, whatever the name, it is apparently where we learn most about ourselves. Here we are one year later learning much and realizing that our journey isn’t ending, the galavant is just changing direction.

What direction is that? Well, it begins with the big decision to put our house in Hopkinton up for sale, maybe some of you felt this coming. This has all come about rather abruptly for us, like in the past week, and we are moving forward quickly to take advantage of the current market. I’m sorry for the rather impersonal delivery but I didn’t want any of our friends in MA to go driving by our house and see a for sale sign without any notice before I could speak with you. We don’t know what will happen or if it will happen but this feels like the right decision given the information we have right now.

And what is that information? Scott’s work continues to do very well here and to leave now would seem premature. The house we have recently rented came with a lengthy 18 month lease, we know we’re here for a while. The kids and I have taken advantage of what California has to offer yet we still have much more to go see and do. I honestly don’t know more. Spending too much time focused on the far future seems a waste of energy. Constantly I am reminded that this is the day we have.

I will be in touch on a more personal level soon. 

Much love from Cali!












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  1. Judy permalink

    That was a great sermon and a greater post. It’s wonderful you accept the wandering and understand its the journey not the destination. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Amy Peterson permalink


  3. No surprise! Congrats on deciding to continue your CA adventure. We miss you all and are so glad you’re doing well and having fun.

  4. Kelly, we sorta knew this would happen…California has just too many opportunities for talented people in high tech. We will miss you terribly. Sure we will keep in touch. Love you guys.

    • Love you all too Cathy! We miss you. Next time you’re headed to this coast please let us know, we’ll come find you.

  5. Maggie Hurder permalink

    You all have sunshine and sea mist in your souls. You belong out there, and we all know it. Miss you, love you, and please let us visit some day!!!!!

    • Thanks Maggie! It so hard to think about leaving all of you. Please do come visit, we’d have so much fun.

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