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July 26, 2013

A liminal state of being, a place of transition and uncertainty. This is part of the life Scott and I lead, the life we love, the one we chose. Scott is a serial entrepreneur. His job description embodies the liminal state. Challenging and rewarding at intense proportions. I am a life long galavanter. The reality of our decisions hits me somewhere flying between our house in Massachusetts and our house in California. Where is home?

There is on occasion the desire to just be in one place for long periods of time, to live in and know only that place. An alluring idea albeit stricken with mind numbing boredom. It’s typically the knee jerk reaction accompanied with the first news of change and uncertainty. Like a puzzle suddenly scattered on the ground my mind tries to arrange all the frenzied pieces back into place, but they no longer fit where they were and when I stop trying a new picture begins to form. As a child my mom and dad gave me and my sisters a gift, the ability to roam and not be lost. I think God creates different types of families. He creates some that live in the same place for a lifetime and some that, well, don’t and there is a reason and a need for both.

Then what is home? For some it’s where their stuff is, where the car is parked, the structure that keeps out the rain. Home for me feels more like a moment that strikes a deep chord. We may be at the Jersey shore, lying on a hammock in California with palm tree views or enjoying a relaxed meal with our children and in that moment there is a comfort, a happiness and a belonging. Our sense of home right now seems less about proximity to a structure and more about people we love, to experiences that conjure all our senses and to a deep knowing that we are here together and for one another.

As I was writing this post we heard from our landlord that they want to sell the property we rent, and quickly. How timely. Writing about complex ideas in a short blog is challenging. Having those ideas tested in realtime is sobering. Thank you Mom and Dad for the internal compass. Who knows what this life brings and what we will be called to tomorrow? It’s all an adventure and wherever I am, I am home.


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  1. Krissy Senkier permalink

    Kelly! You are amazing! You’ve just described a life long struggle of mine. When I’m back East I want to be back West and vice versa. Never satisfied and fight God with where He’s planted me to grow. He knows the journey that’s right for me, yet I am stubborn. You just opened my eyes and heart, that Home is where my family is, together on this journey. God bless you and your family. I do home our paths come together someday. I think of you often! Love to you you are an inspiration šŸ™‚ love, Krissy

  2. Hey Krissy! Thank you and how wonderful that our lives run in parallel to eachother. You’re in my thoughts too my friend. Enjoy the journey.

  3. Dorothy Konstanty permalink

    Love your adventurous style. Never had that and feel I probably missed a lot of somethings. Enjoy whatever and wherever!

    • Thanks! And I think raising your four boys qualifies as quite an adventure. They come in all shapes and sizes.

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