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We’re coming. Please pray.

June 9, 2013

Yay, we’re headed east in just a couple weeks for a visit. The offensively high priced tickets are purchased and now I have just a couple prayers.

Please pray for our trip back east. Pray in particular for the men and women who, due to the high price of airplane tickets, will be sitting next to my children on the flights out while mom is seated five or more rows away. Pray for abundant patience for the unknowing business man who is imagining how productive he will be on this flight as he becomes the constrained five hour audience for my very social little Evan who will engage him in a dissertation on beyblades, homeschooling, commutative actions and the Fibonacci sequence. Please pray for humor for the passengers as Evan stands on the seat and screams back to me that he needs to go potty, a blanket, can’t work the TV and is dying of thirst.

Pray for Ethan as he gets the first glimpse of the bright neon green speck with the minuscule back seat we’ll rent to drive because the big cars are crazy expensive. He will be sitting in between Alex and Evan. May our recent studies of geometry, area and acute angles reassure him as I explain how much room there really is back there. Keep my purse swelling with starburst and my mind with happy thoughts. Pray that the woman at the rental counter shows grace and mercy and upgrades us to a large, lush minivan with air conditioning and electric doors.

Pray for Alex that the lack of internet connection back home will be only a temporary inconvenience to her kindle reading. May she find joy in the library and renewed interest in the books and toys back east. May I have restraint and patience as she asks to bring every single item she owns back to California and pray that she remember how little room we have in the wee little house.

And please pray for our air conditioner back in Massachusetts that it will work flawlessly when we arrive in the heat of June even though every year it zonks out the first week of summer. Pray for our continued joy of adventure and fun nine months in as we “camp” in our own home. Please pray that I have an everflowing source of creative ideas about living without much furniture, any silverware, pots and pans, internet connection and cable.

And while we’re at it please pray for me in that moment when something inadvertently goes wrong, breaks, gets lost or is left at home or in an airplane. Pray that I will move beyond that initial reaction and find peace and thankfullness with our time back east. Give me grace beyond measure and a large glass of prosecco.

Prayerfully, Kelly

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  1. Kath permalink

    Ill be praying i get to see you while you are home. The rest will fall into place.

  2. Janet permalink

    My prayers are with you. Have a great time!

    • Thanks for the prayers Janet. All will be fine, just a little humor. Sorry we won’t get to see you this time but hopefully soon.

  3. LC Rooney permalink

    Oh my honey, you are slways in my prayers. Can’t wait to see you me when you can

  4. Christine permalink

    Well, the good news is that it’s not terrifically hot here. That was two weeks ago! Travel safe. And remember, a mind could be a good thing to waste while traveling.

    • Thank you Christine! Evan is actually amazingly entertainng. I’d rather be sitting by him. Maybe someone will be kind enough to switch seats.

  5. Helen permalink

    Hope your flight is better than you expect. Would love to see you if you can fit us in. I am sure the list is very long as you have so many friends that look forward to your visit. Breath and pray and it will all work out. :))

    • Hi Helen. Good to hear from you. Yes, we will be busy but we look forward to seeing as many friends as we can.

  6. I am so glad that you are coming home!!! Can’t wait to see you. Safe travels.

  7. Dorothy Konstanty permalink

    Safe and enjoyable travels. ENJOY it all!

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