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The sweet spot

March 8, 2013
The weather app on my phone rings daily with news of winter storms headed for the Northeast. It pains me to write about how beautiful it is here. I wish for a way to send some to you.
The trees are bursting open with blooms. It never really turned grey and wintery here. Mostly it rained and before I could say “kids, put your winter jackets on” it started to warm up. The evenings are chilly and that’s the norm, when the sun goes down so does the barometer but in the sun of the day it is sublime.
California produces 80% of the fruits and vegetables in the U.S. Abundance is an understatement. It still amazes me to drive down any old road and see trees packed with fruit, so much that their owners don’t know what to do with them. I want to knock on doors and ask if I can pick them all. In our own yard we have two pomegranate trees, a lemon, a lime and an orange tree. They’re young but we do get some fruit. It all makes me giggle. Picking fruit right off the tree, peeling and eating it right there is a glorious experience.
We are in the sweet spot of our time here. It allows us to just live our days without too much thought of settling in or packing the car. We had a BBQ with friends and neighbors and it reminded me that a year is a curious amount of time. Too long to be called a vacation and too short for a move. I’m trying not to over think it or put up that protective guard, still working on moving into people.
Finding a church, the right church, became the focus for a while. Finally, the stinging realization that there isn’t a Faith Community Church here. This was hard but I let go the white knuckled intentions of finding “comfortable” and instead accepted that there is much to learn and find in “different” if only I remain willing to try. Pray. Pray. Pray. Sunday’s service felt better, I knew the songs and sang with all my heart, an opportunity to serve in the children’s ministry appeared and I jumped, the kids led us to the playground after service and there we met a wonderful family.
This journey is one of the most difficult and rewarding I’ve had yet. I am thankful everyday, even the hardest of them. When I feel I’ve had enough with transition and uncertainty I look outside at the blue sky and palm trees. We drive over the Santa Cruz mountains and, every time, the first sight of the ocean catches my breath. It could be so much worse.

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  1. Karen Coop permalink

    Love reading these… As the plow runs past the house once again… 🙂 Miss you guys!

  2. amy peterson permalink

    All good times here. I actually have a plow truck stuck in my driveway since yesterday. Don’t ask! Miss u so much.

  3. Debbie Daniels permalink

    Love to read your updates. I miss your sweet smile and tender spirit.

    Throughout our many moves I love the scripture verse, Joshua 1:9. Hugs!!

    • Thank you for the verse. I should put this one where I can see it daily. I miss you too Debbie and think of you often. Love seeing your FB updates.

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